Posting YouTube Comments

Posting YouTube Comments

$280 per day

Online/Remote Position

With the job below, earning money by posting YouTube comments is a simple four-step process:

It takes about 2 minutes and you can make $200 per day doing this. Here are the job details…

What you will be doing

We have 5 small online companies looking to bolster their presence on YouTube.

To do this they want to employ several remote workers to copy and paste comments on their YouTube videos to try and promote discussion and increase the view count of their content. 


Social Media Job

This is very straight-forward work, which you’ll be able to do whilst watching TV, listening to podcasts or the radio. If you’re looking for difficult, challenging work, this probably isn’t the job for you.


$280 per day

A&G Writing Jobs


This is remote work you can do from anywhere.

You need a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop and an internet connection. The hours are flexible – you can choose between 2-8 hours per day.

Social Media Assistants are in huge demand worldwide right now.

So if you can start right away, please apply below.

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